Women entrepreneurs who succeed have three traits in common, Lisa Abeyta writes on Huffington Post. The founder and CEO of civic tech mobile platform APPCityLife Inc., Abeyta says those shared traits are generosity, fearlessness and intuitiveness.

“If you want be successful, learn to be generous with your time, your efforts, your knowledge,” she writes. “This does not mean you let others take advantage of you or that you agree to so much that you’re overwhelmed and left with no time to meet your own goals; it means you give when and where you can provide value without expecting anything in return.”

Fearlessness doesn’t mean being reckless. She urges women to “take calculated risks and learn to say no when you know you should, even if it is the scariest thing you’ve ever done.”

And when women have the courage to trust their intuition, “we often make choices that prevent future difficulties,” Abeyta writes.

Go here to read the complete text of her essay about entrepreneurial women. Join the conversation and add your thoughts and opinions on GlassCeiling.com. What trait would you add to Lisa Abeyta’s three?

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