Still Playing Catch-Up: Women in the Philanthropic Sector

The fact that we are still discussing how various sectors of society continue to lag behind when it comes to gender inclusivity is beyond frustrating, but hardly comes as a surprise to many. Kathleen Loher, an expert in women’s philanthropy and the author of the recently published Gender Matters:  A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy, wrote a great piece about why women still lag behind in the philanthropic sector, despite being the fastest segment of wealthy individuals, making the majority of consumer decisions at home and comprising 42% of the top wealth holders in the USA.

I am committed to growing women’s philanthropy.

Why? I’ve been in the philanthropic sector for 35 years as a woman donor, fundraiser and nonprofit leader. In that time, I’ve seen women’s power and earnings grow – and the philanthropic sector repeatedly fail to take full advantage of this new reality.

I’m frustrated that the philanthropic sector is behind the times. The consumer world has begun to adapt to the rise of women’s influence and economic clout – in their strategy, training, conversations and advertising. They know their bottom line depends on following the money and decision-makers of today – women.

In contrast, the clear majority of nonprofits and universities still use fundraising practices that either turn off women or gain only minimal support from them. So much more is possible.

What does the for profit world know that nonprofits don’t heed?

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