There are enough difficulties in building business without tripping yourself with unreal fears. Writing on the website, Stephanie Tilenius (shown), founder and CEO of health and wellness coaching service, shares what she says are “seven lies that women entrepreneurs use to defeat themselves.”

The first is, “My startup is the only chance I have for success.” Be flexible in getting where you want to be, she writes. Entrepreneurism is just one path. “There is a lot of success bias out there, and make no mistake: It is harder for women. But there is a lot to be said for learning from the best environments. If you don’t have an idea for starting a company today, join a great company.”

“To prove myself, I must do this all on my own.” Don’t fall for that: build a mentor network and use it.”

“My idea is always the most important thing in the room.” To you but not to others, maybe. Who else is in the room will influence your path so choose them wisely and never ignore them.

“Tech is a meritocracy, and my idea will prevail.” This is a fallacy especially for women, writes Tilenius. Be ready to fight, fail and fight again to prevail.

Stephanie Tilenius has more advice to offer and more “lies” to avoid. Read her complete article here and then share your experiences and opinions on

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