Education, talent and hard work alone aren’t enough to help most women move up the corporate ranks, Julie Steinberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. Women held just 14.1% of executive officer positions in 2011 at Fortune 500 companies, down from 14.4% in 2010.

So how should position themselves to move up the corporate ladder. Steinberg offers nine rules for success, gathered from discussions with women executives and leadership coaches.

1. Work hard

2. Do work no one else wants to do

3. Cultivate the people in charge

4. Know what you want and go for it

5. Promote yourself legitimately

6. Network with your peers

7. Make your own career

8. Leave to get ahead

9. Dress well and play golf

Read Steinberg’s explanations of these rules here. Then join the conversation. Which of these rules have you found most important? With which of Steinberg’s rules do you disagree? Share your experiences and opinions here.

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