A new Gallup poll finds 41% of Americans don’t prefer one gender over the other when asked who they’d prefer to work for. Adults preferring a male boss accounted for 35% of the sample while 23% said they would rather report to a woman.

Those percentages are in sharp contrast to the results from 1953 when Gallup first ran the poll, ForbesWoman reports. Sixty years ago, 66% wanted a male boss, 25% said they didn’t care and only 5% said they would prefer to have a woman as their boss.

Interestingly, the 2013 survey finds 40% of women saying they would rather work for a man, compared with 27% who prefer a woman and 32% who don’t have a preference. Most men (51%) say they don’t care whether it’s a man or woman at the top, but 29% say they’d prefer a male boss and 18% would prefer a female boss.

Has the Women’s Movement lost its connection with Millennials? Among respondents aged 18 to 34, 37% said they would prefer a male boss compared with 25% opting for a woman.

Read more about Gallup’s poll here. Then share your thoughts on GlassCeiling.com about women vs. men as bosses. Who is the best boss you’ve had? Step up. Join the conversation.

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