Levo League’s survey of Millennial women finds that a majority don’t feel comfortable or prepared to successfully negotiate their job offers. Two-thirds (66%) say they haven’t known how to ask for more; 58% say they were afraid of losing their offer or their job if they negotiated. The fear of being seen as “pushy” keeps 55% of the women survey from negotiating salary or benefits.

On April 14, Equal Pay Day, Levo launches its 4 the annual #ask4more campaign to raise awareness of the gender wage gap and to let women know that you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you ask for. Learn how to ask. Women such as Sara Silverman, Kerry Washington and Chelsea Clinton are supporting the effort.

For more information on the #ask4more campaign, visit levo.im/levo4equalpay. Information on Levo League is here.

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