You’re 60 or older but you don’t want to stop working; you just want to stop bumping up against corporate limitations on advancement. Then play a different game, Margaret Manning, founder of writes on The Huffington Post. “If you want to continue to gain career momentum after 60, it may be time to forget the glass ceiling and build your own house. It may be time to become an entrepreneur or start a brand new career,” Manning argues.

Older entrepreneurs can be just as successful as young business builders. Age brings connections, experience and an understanding of how to make things happen, she writes. What often holds back older women is not lack of ideas and not a glass ceiling but a lack courage.

Reach out to women entrepreneurs for counsel that can overcome fears and insecurities. “By starting a company around our passions or finding an encore career that we love, we can have the best of both worlds. Instead of fighting the glass ceiling in our 60s, let’s build our own house,” says Manning.

If you have started a business late in your career, share your experiences. If you want to “build your own house” but hesitate, share those fears and connect with others who may have overcome them. Step up.

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