Women thrive in nonprofits and are eager to take charge, partly because they feel they can make a difference, Kim Williams writes in ForbesWoman. The CEO of Interfaith Housing Coalition, Williams cites a report from The Chronicle of Philanthropy that found 57% of women in nonprofits aspire to be CEO. Among women ages 18 to 34, that drive is even stronger: 72% want to get to the top rung.

The path to the top at nonprofits may be easier because women are heavily represented, accounting for 75% of the sector’s workforce. Williams writes that nonprofits also tend to be more responsive to the needs of employees with families, offering more flexibility on hours and better vacation packages.

Still, men hold 79% of the CEO positions among nonprofits with assets of $25 million and up. And yes, there’s a gender pay gap. But Williams says the sector offers great opportunities and needs more female leadership from the for-profit world as nonprofits work to strengthen their bases and broaden their impact and influence.

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