Determination is a key tool in the effort to break through the “glass ceiling,” Loretta Minghella writes in the British newspaper The Guardian. The CEO of the Christian Aid organization, Minghella says honesty is another valuable asset. “My advice to you would be to think carefully about the skills and experience that chief executives need, and then get an honest appraisal of your own strengths and weaknesses; taking feedback from colleagues, peers, family and friends,” she writes. “It’s vital to talk to someone who understands what’s needed and who will help you be honest with yourself about the areas you need to work on. Your current employer may support you in identifying a coach or a mentor.” A network of trusted and truthful colleagues helps, too.

Be prepared to make sideways moves to ultimately move forward, she also counsels. “Be willing to take an unusual route” to get where you want to be. Be ready, too, to accept that all women can’t necessarily “have it all,” Minghella says. “By acknowledging our limitations, we can make informed and practical decisions about how we want to use our time and skills.”

Do you agree with Loretta Minghella that determination and honesty about one’s self are useful in breaking through limitations? Step up: share your opinions and join the conversation.

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