“Career capital,” defined as those differentiated skills that define and advance one’s career, is the key to success in the workplace, according to 80% of the female professionals who took part in an Accenture study.

Among both men and women, 84% said they are working to increase their career capital. Where does it come from? Of the 4,100 men and women (equally divided between the genders) who took part in the study, 67% said they believe knowledge or competency in a particular area contributes most to career capital. “Marketing myself and my skills within my organization” was cited by 45% of women and 50% of men.

Larger percentages of women than men cited longevity in their career, staying with the same company for a long time and networking within my organization as key contributions to their career capital

There is much more of interest in the findings of Accenture’s 2014 Career Capital study. Access it here. Then share your thoughts on the value of “career capital” as a concept or your opinions on what contributed most to your career capital.

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    tried to access the Career Capital Study using your link in the last paragraph of the post but it didn’t work?


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