Twenty-five years after passage of The Women’s Business Ownership Act, which outlawed gender discrimination in granting business loans, the playing field still isn’t even, Karen Klein writes in Businessweek. Is part of the problem the “rose-colored glasses” women put on after early successes in achieving equality? “This narrative tends to make the barriers invisible and make women think that if they’re not doing as well as they should, it’s their own fault,” says Caryl Rivers, co-author (with Rosalind C. Barnett) of  “The New Soft War on Women.”

Rather than focus on toppling the barriers still put in their way, some women worry more about their own shortcomings, believing that if they simply take Sheryl Sandberg’s advice to “lean in” they will succeed. It’s not that simple, says Rivers. Sarah Biller, president of financial technology company Capital Market Exchange, says the tendency to blame themselves is indicative of women’s desire for perfection.

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