Warren Buffett says economic self-interest, if no other reason, should persuade businessmen to remove the remaining barriers to women’s advancement. “If obvious benefits flow from helping the male component of the workforce achieve its potential, why in the world wouldn’t you want to include its counterpart?” Buffett writes in an essay in Fortune. “Fellow males, get onboard. The closer that America comes to fully employing the talents of all its citizens, the greater its output of goods and services will be.”

The chairman-CEO of Berkshire Hathaway also notes many women “continue to impose limitations on themselves, talking themselves out of achieving their potential.” His example is the late Katherine Graham, who succeeded her husband as CEO of The Washington Post Co. She was the equal of any man with whom she dealt, says Buffett, but she had been “brainwashed” to believe that men were her superior in business.

Read Warren Buffett’s Fortune essay here and then join the conversation. Share your thoughts about whether women are brainwashed to step back or about Buffett’s thesis that gender equality makes business sense.

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