Salaries for women accountants average 78% of men’s salaries in 2012, according to the latest Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) survey. The wage gap remains unchanged from 2011 but is wider than found in 2006 when women earned 80% of men’s salaries. The value of that gap in women’s pay increased to $26,470 from $25,572 in 2011.

The most encouraging news may be last year’s 4% increase in the number of women with annual salaries above $100,000 compared with a 3.9% increase for men. Still, 57% of male accountants’ salaries exceed $100,000 annually, compared with 34% of women.

The full article about IMA’s annual survey can be found here. Share your thoughts about the persistence of wage inequality on What will close the gender gap in compensation, not just in accounting but all professions?

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