“Break the rules” is Christine Perkett’s advice to women entrepreneurs. In a Huffington Post interview, Perkett (at l.), the CEO of PR analytics platform SeeDepth, says, “Women worry way too much about doing everything the right way. If you want to innovate and create, you’ve got to be bold. That, and trust yourself first and foremost. Be assertive and build a great network. Ask for help. You’d be amazed at how willing most people are to help you out or listen, mentor, introduce you to others, etc. But you’ve got to ask!”

The workplace issue Perkett sees as most pressing is the need for women to be more assertive and to demand what they deserve. “The fact we still make less for men in the same exact positions—or that out of all the [venture capital]-backed tech companies, on an annual basis, only 3% of them are female-founded companies—is archaic and unacceptable.”

Perkett, named one of Forbes’ “Top 100 Must Follow Marketing Minds,”  says she has relied on input from mentors on both business and personal matters. “Most of my mentors have been informal—but I’ve put myself out there and said, ‘Hey, I really admire you and what you’ve done here and here, so can I ask you for some unofficial mentorship? Can I tap you from time to time with questions? Can I get an hour with you here and there to learn from your experiences?’ The key is remembering to be generous back, and that mentors can change over time depending on what stage or challenge you’re at in life.”

Read Laura Dunn’s full interview with Christine Perkett here. Add your thoughts and opinions on GlassCeiling.com. Do women worry too much about protocol? How have mentors helped your career? Step up and join the conversation.

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