To Read: Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy by Kathleen Loehr

We’re excited to read this new book by Kathleen Loehr that takes a look at how the world of philanthropy, ingrained in age-old fundraising modes, needs to adapt to increase support from women.

“The modern field of women’s philanthropy is thirty years old – some naysayers say women are full partners now in philanthropy and no emphasis is needed to address gender anymore. Not so, says Loehr. She so aptly points out that issues still exist, and we must face what we in the field have known all along: women are still not being asked to their potential. The challenges facing society need women’s perspective and money. By following the directives in Loehr’s book, development directors and others will help unleash and empower women to strengthen not just their own institutions but also our democracy through philanthropy and create a more civic society, benefitting all. This is what our nation and world need now.”

— Martha Taylor, co-author of Reinventing Fundraising: Realizing the Potential of Women’s Philanthropy (1995), and Women & Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping A Better World (2010)

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