The ability to think big and to be bold are traits vital to success. “I dare you to come up with a successful entrepreneur (male or female) who does not possess them,” Eric T. Wagner writes in Forbes.

Canadian entrepreneur Kelsey Ramsden (at l.) has those traits, he says. She is the founder of business services firm and children’s subscription company SparkPlay, among other ventures. Ramsden shared with Wagner three ways entrepreneurs can think big and be bold.

Her first suggestion is to get outside your comfort zone. “Entrepreneurs need to put themselves into situations they have not yet experienced and have no playbook for,” Ramsden told Wagner. “Fear is a good reminder where we can choose to stay in our comfort zone or cross over the line to grow, improve, explore and gather higher levels of knowledge about ourselves and our opportunities.”

Connect with other entrepreneurs, collaborate and listen. “I think we make the mistake of comparing ourselves to the giants of entrepreneurship, as opposed to making deep connections with fellow entrepreneurs to learn their stories, get inspired and collaborate with. I am more moved by a colleague in pursuit of their dream than reading the story of Virgin one more time,” says Ramsden.

Finally, don’t focus just on succeeding. Leave time and space to mix with those seeking to help others.

Read Eric T. Wagner’s complete article here. Learn more about Kelsey Ramsden at Do you think the “Think big. Be bold”  philosophy is too simplistic or spot on? Share your opinions and your experiences on

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