The United States places 12th among the top 26 developed countries on a “Glass-Ceiling index” devised by British publication The Economist to show where women have the best chance of equal treatment at work. The index “compares five indicators across 26 countries: the number of men and women respectively with tertiary education; female labor-force participation; the male-female wage gap; the proportion of women in senior jobs; and net child-care costs relative to the average wage. The first four are given equal weighting, the fifth a lower one, since not all working women have children.”

What nation ranks No. 1? New Zealand, with an index of nearly 90 (on a scale of 0 to a high of 100). South Korea is at the bottom.

See The Economist’s Glass-Ceiling Index here and then share your thoughts. Are you embarrassed that the U.S. ranks 12th, behind Canada (No. 4), Poland (No. 9), France (No. 11) and others? Are you encouraged that the U.S. places ahead of Britain (No. 18), Germany (No. 20) and others?

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