Kelsey Falter (l.), one of 15 female entrepreneurs profiled by online magazine Tech Cocktail, advises women to “believe that succeeding is part meritocracy, part hard work, and part luck. By focusing on the users or customers you serve, the products you launch, and the people you surround yourself with, you will be equipped with the right tools to move forward. “Do not worry or focus on the fact that you’re a woman,” says Falter, the founder of social polling company Poptip. Catherine Gluckstein, president of, tells women, “Go for it! It may sound crass but believe in yourself and what you can do. Don’t let a fear of failure dissuade you from taking calculated risks.” Says Heddi Cundle, founder of, “Be relentless and passionate about your start up and keep an eye on competitors, but always bang to the beat of your own drum.” Learn how these 15 women succeeded and what they learned along the way here. Then share some of the secrets to your success here. Step up.

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