Women shouldn’t waste any of their prime earning years on business school, Laura Hemphill argues on The New Yorker’s Currency blog. An M.B.A. isn’t required, like law or medical degrees, she writes. Second, “it’s the qualities that get a candidate admitted to Harvard [Business School] in the first place that insure her success after graduation, rather than the degree itself.” So save the $180,000 a Harvard M.B.A. can cost.

But lost time also is an important consideration, Hemphill says. Women are more likely than men to leave the workforce or have their careers interrupted by family considerations. For that reason, “isn’t the most important thing for a woman to work as hard as she can and advance as far as possible while she’s still in her twenties and her life is as uncomplicated as it’s going to get?” Business school is a smart choice for some women, she allows, but it shouldn’t be seen as an obvious choice for everyone.

Read Laura Hemphill’s post here, and then share your thoughts. If you have an M.B.A. degree, do you agree with Hemphill that those years could better be spent working?

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