Women are under-represented at tech companies, but not unrepresented. Reporting on the gender problem that exists often overlooks the significant number of women who have successfully built careers in technology-related fields.

Mashable writer Rocco Sannelli gathers advice on entrepreneurship and career-building from five such women. Ingrid Vanderveldt, entrepreneur-in-residence at Dell, says, “Getting a mentor and forming a support network is key. Entrepreneurs will face many obstacles, and it’s this group of “trusted advisors” that can help provide outside ideas, advice and guidance on overcoming challenges, as well as help build confidence as you move forward.”

“Pursue your own curiosity,” advises Deena Varshavskaya, founder and CEO of e-commerce platform Wanelo. “Curiosity should be one of the most important factors in making a decision about whether to accept a job offer. Are you curious about this industry, the company culture or the problem the company is solving? What about the specific people you’ll be working with? Even if the benefit of this curiosity isn’t obvious up front, it will likely lead you to professional greatness and fulfillment down the road.”

Go here to read all five women’s advice. Then join the discussion on GlassCeiling.com. If you are an entrepreneur or are working in a tech field, contribute your suggestions for how others can get started in tech.

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