Is the “glass ceiling” a reality or is it just seen by women who don’t succeed? Karil Reibold asks the question in an interesting article in CRN magazine. Reibold, who was the COO of a company when she was 27 and who is currently CEO of Whaleback Managed Services, says she put the question to other successful women in her network, seeking their views.

Said one, “Whoever coined the phrase was really savvy. They called it the “glass ceiling” to underscore its invisibility … so can we please stop arguing about whether it exists and simply focus on equipping women to move upward, whether obstacles exist or not.”

Another counters, “As women, we do and handle a lot. But it gives us a whole new skill set that men lack, such as efficiency, multitasking and let’s not forget our ability to lead and psychologically handle people. The problem I find is we do these things so often that we no longer see them as skills or anything of value. Hence, we don’t see our true value in what we bring to the table. We lack the confidence to ask for what we deserve as we don’t see these skills as special. We don’t play the BS game regarding our abilities either. We downplay ourselves consistently. I think this has really contributed to creating the glass ceiling.”

Read Reibold’s post here.

Join the conversation and share your experiences. What do you think? Are women holding themselves back by debating what’s holding them back? Or are real solutions to a real glass ceiling needed?


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