Network inside your own organization. Join an affinity group or, better yet, find a personal advocate in a senior position who can facilitate career moves. That’s one of eight pieces of advice for achieving success in business offered by Lisa Chau and Melissa Wilson in U.S. News & World Report. Using information from research, successful women and other sources, they compile these recommendations for the new year:

✔ Showcase your work

ŸŸŸ✔ Be collaborative

✔ Grow your trust-factor

✔ Articulate career aspirations

✔ Network inside your organization

✔ Configure your own “old girl” network

✔ Try a side-by-side approach

✔ Play to win-win

Interested in learning more about these tips? Read the complete article here for additional information. What’s your tip for success for 2014? Tell usbusinesswoman_USNews here. Step up.


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