Speaking at at the International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference in October 2012, a panel of female entrepreneurs and investors shared their experiences in finding success in start-ups. Contrary to what some expected to hear, these women said male mentors were critical to their success, according to an article in Inc.

“Male mentors for women are critical. It has been critical for me,” said Mariam Naficy, founder of e-commerce sites Minted.com and Eve.com. “I’ve really worked hard on my male friendships and relationships and they have paid off tremendously. I think it’s a guys’ problem as much as it is a women’s problem. The integration [of women in entrepreneurship] has to be done together with men if people want to see more female business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

Read the Inc. article here and then join the GlassCeiling.com conversation. Have you benefited from both male and female mentors? Do you agree that women need both?


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