When women executives take pregnancy leave, some male colleagues dismiss them as being too lightly committed to their jobs. But other women often can be just as critical.

Take, for example, Monica Gallagher Sakala’s criticisms of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer (pictured). Writing in her blog, Wired Momma, Sakala complained that Mayer is not visibly pregnant in the photo used on the cover of Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” issue. Mayer, who tops that list, recently gave birth to her first child.

Sakala complains that Mayer should have appeared pregnant, and asks her readers if  Mayer “let you down as profoundly as she let me down? Or is it a non-issue for you? Wouldn’t a Fortune cover with a woman about to go into labor have been the kind of image redefining power and parenthood in the workplace that we are craving?”

Read Sakala’s complete blog post, reprinted in The Huffington Post here.

Join the GlassCeiling.com conversation. What do you think? Do you feel “let down” by Marissa Mayer’s decision? Do you agree that appearing pregnant on the power issue was a “lost opportunity,” as Sakala believes? Share your opinions here.

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