To encourage entrepreneurship we must stop demonizing failure, argues Amy Rosen. President and CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), she calls for recognition that failing is a necessary companion of success.

“Show me someone who succeeded without failing and I’ll show you someone who wasn’t challenged,” Rosen writes on the NFTE blog. “Almost no successful entrepreneur succeeded at their first venture. Or even third. And some of our most celebrated entrepreneurs are still taking risks—and failing.”

Giving young entrepreneurs safe space in which to fail is one of the first things to be done. “And there’s no better place to do that then in the same high school classrooms that usually only honor those who achieve academic success,” says Rosen.

Yes, we must encourage young people to enter the STEM fields that will be hotbeds of entrepreneurship, but we also “should invest in the mindset of overcoming failure.”

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