Our Focus


Creative ways to think about markets, capitalize, and thrive. Stories of women on the front lines changing the way people think against all odds.

Women in Politics

Less than 20% of the seats in both the U.S House and Senate are held by women. More women representing the half of the population that is underrepresented in congress need to run for something. How do you do it? We connect women to resources.

Opportunities & Pay

Women make .77 cents on the dollar in the workplace. Learn how to find out what a job is worth and when to reach high. Successful women and men share advice. The Job Board offers opportunities for people who are thinking about what’s next.

Stand Up & Speak Out

Ari Ratner, former State Department Liaison and Special Assistant, interviews courageous people who have stepped up and spoken out, started movements and changed history despite threats to their job security and social status.

Allies & Saboteurs

Tales of heartache and redemption. What to do when your female boss has it in for you or when you’re challenged by a harasser. Stories of allies coming out in support when you least expect it.

GlassCeiling.com Hosts Networking Event

GlassCeiling.com hosted its inaugural networking event on Jan. 15, 2013, at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. The evening’s theme was “You Can’t Get What You Don’t Ask For; Tell Us What You Want or Need.” Discuss...