Ashley Lukasik’s passion is in designing conditions for collective creativity. As the founder of Murmur Ring, she curates powerful experiences to help organizations accomplish their strategic aims. Lukasik brings small groups of people to different parts of the world – cities that are undergoing a lot of change – to introduce organizations to human-centered design as a means to respond to complex challenges. She spent several years at the Institute of Design, where her original model for immersive experiences was seeded.

Lukasik has worked side by side with men for her entire career. She often found herself being the youngest and sole female voice in the room, but never thought much about it until she became a mother. She refused to believe the stereotype that you have to compromise your career – that wasn’t her experience. Lukasik started realizing what should be prioritized and felt more empathetic to situations in her own professional practice. She now loves being viewed as a whole person with many facets that make up her life.

“I’m not here to reproduce the sterility of doing business as usual,” Lukasik says. “Once I began to view femininity as an asset and lead through disclosure and compassion, that became fertile ground for lasting collaborations.”

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