The most powerful women in banking may not have the most power. A New York Times article notes that only three of American Banker’s 11th annual ranking of the 25 “Most Powerful Women in Banking” hold the top spots at their companies. Beth Mooney, chairwoman and CEO of KeyCorp, occupies the top spot on the list.

“I’m always surprised that there aren’t more women in the actual C.E.O. slot,” American Banker Editor in Chief Heather Landy, told the Times in an interview. “There are many women on our rankings who are very close to that role and work closely with the C.E.O.’s of their institutions, but I would have thought by now that there would be more women in actual C.E.O. roles to put on this list.”

You can find American Banker’s list here and read the New York Times’ article here. Then invest a few minutes in adding your thoughts about the ranking and the lack of women at the top in so many businesses.

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