CEO BootCamp, designed to provide women with key tools for entrepreneurship—confidence, competence and connections—has been launched by American Express OPEN, the company’s small-business division. AmEx says its study of entrepreneurs finds that between 2007 and 2013 women started businesses at a rate 150% higher than the average.

Another survey commissioned by the company finds that 41% of women entrepreneurs surveyed say that “making the mental or personal commitment to grow is the most important trigger that could take their business to the next level.” CEO BootCamp is intended to provide that trigger and remove obstacles to success.

The CEO BootCamp program will create online circles through which participants can learn and grow, using community platform For information, go to

To learn more about American Express OPEN’s research on women entrepreneurs, go here. Do you think such programs provide useful tools for women entrepreneurs? Share your experiences and opinions on

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